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Climate and the Bioeconomy Convergence Café

May 2nd, 2024 
11:30am - 1:30pm
Rutgers Club, Room AB

The bioeconomy harnesses the power of biology in novel production of goods, services, and energy to grow the economy and workforce while improving quality of life and the environment. Key to the bioeconomy concept is reducing dependence on fossil fuels while preventing biodiversity loss, reducing risks to people, and ensuring economic growth follows ethical, responsible, and sustainable principles.

RCEI aims to direct Rutgers scholarship toward the emerging global emphasis on the role of the bioeconomy in addressing climate change. This Convergence Café looks to mobilize interdisciplinary teams to access federal investments and support in research that intersects with the bioeconomy.

Scholarship around the bioeconomy is inherently interdisciplinary bringing together not only biology, but also insights and principles from agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, engineering, computing, geological, mathematical, physical, social, behavioral, and economics sciences. The bioeconomy transcends all biological scales from molecular to organismal, evolutionary, ecosystem, and biome.

This event is for you if you are:

  • Looking for funding sources for your research interests around this theme.
  • Searching for a collaborator to team with for research funding.
  • Want to increase your chances of success within highly competitive programs.
  • In need of planning funds to get your project off the ground.

RCEI’s Climate and the Bioeconomy Convergence Café event is for RCEI affiliate scholars and other full-time Rutgers faculty and staff (or a representative from their lab) to develop connections as well as learn about upcoming funding opportunities to address challenges around this theme.

For more information about the nexus between Climate and the Bioeconomy, see the Federal Funding Landscape highlighting programs across the Federal government anticipated to be competed this Fall.

The NSF Regional Innovation Engines Competition also focuses on several key areas of technology outlined in CHIPS and Science – including biotechnology; additional information about this call is available here.