The Rutgers Climate and Energy Institute builds upon 20 years of Rutgers–New Brunswick investments into a world-class faculty and staff engaged across the RCEI themes. RCEI will collaborate with other units across Rutgers that engage with climate and energy science. In the face of the ongoing climate crisis, RCEI represents a renewed commitment to collaboration and scholarship that can enable a brighter climate future.

In support of this, RCEI is offering multiple programs to foster collaboration and progress.

Renewable Energy, Technology and Energy Conservation

Advancing technologies in renewable energy and energy conservation.

Human Dimensions of Climate Mitigation, Adaptation, and Resilience

Understanding the causes of climate change, the societal, economic, and behavioral impacts of climate change and the ways in which people and institutions respond to these changes.

Earth System Science

Researching the complexities and dynamics of Earth's physical, geochemical, and biological systems.

Climate Change Communication and Environmental Humanities

Raising awareness and inspiring action through the arts and humanities.