Rutgers Tests Renewable Energy System for Agrivoltaics Project on Cook Campus

Abi Cohen2024

University to test renewable energy system on a working farm with animals and crops Rutgers University has selected Sunzaun, a vertical solar system for farms developed by solar installer Sunstall Inc., for an agrivoltaics project at its farm on Cook campus. The farm at Rutgers University–New Brunswick operates as a hybrid of production farm, research facility and teaching operation in …

The Biggest Barrier to a Vibrant Second-Hand EV Market? Price

Abi Cohen2024

New policies and broader subsides are needed to help lower-income buyers afford used electric vehicles, according to a Rutgers study As early adopters of electric vehicles (EVs) trade up for the latest models, the used EV market is beginning to mature in the United States. Yet many potential buyers, particularly low-income drivers, are skeptical of EVs’ conveniences and are put off by …

Startups want to cool Earth by reflecting sunlight. There are few rules and big risks

Abi Cohen2024

Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are attempting to pioneer solar geoengineering to combat climate change by reflecting sunlight. Startups like Luke Iseman’s Make Sunsets launch balloons filled with sulfur dioxide and helium into the stratosphere, seeking to offset warming. However, the lack of regulations raises concerns about unforeseen risks. RCEI Affiliate Alan Robock, emphasizes the need for thorough research and global …

Has it gotten windier in New Jersey? We asked the state climatologist

Abi Cohen2024

In 2024, New Jersey experienced frequent rain, wind, and dreary days, sparking discussions about increased windiness. Residents report more potent and frequent winds, with many sharing anecdotes of fallen branches and damaged property. However, climatologist and RCEI Affiliate David Robinson notes that while recent years have seen more windy days, it’s challenging to discern long-term trends due to limited historical …

RCEI affiliate Ashaki Rouff chosen as a Cheryl Wall Faculty Fellow

Abi Cohen2024

Congratulations to RCEI affiliate Ashaki Rouff on being chosen for a 2024-25 Cheryl Wall Faculty Fellowship. This prestigious honor recognizes full-time faculty addressing diversity issues at Rutgers University. The full list of fellows can be found here. 

Giant viruses played a key role in early life, study in Yellowstone hot spring suggests

Abi Cohen2024

Following new studies, so-called “giant viruses” are believed to have been important in the early stages of life on Earth, based on research conducted at Yellowstone hot springs. Scientists, including RCEI Affiliate Debashish Bhattacharya, found evidence of ancient viral activity, suggesting these viruses could have influenced the development of early microscopic life forms. Previously, researchers assumed none of the giant …

What scientists are hoping to learn from the NJ earthquake and aftershocks

Abi Cohen2024

Scientists are installing seismometers near New Jersey’s recent earthquake epicenter to monitor aftershocks and study fault movements. Geologists are intrigued by the unusual event and aim to identify the fault responsible. RCEI Affiliate, Ken Miller emphasized the importance of these seismometers. He stated “With enough seismometers, we will be able to pinpoint this with some of the aftershocks that are …

Surf Clams Off the Coast of Virginia Reappear – and Rebound

Abi Cohen2024

Rutgers scientists point to improved environmental conditions as possible reason The Atlantic surf clam, an economically valuable species that is the main ingredient in clam chowder and fried clam strips, has returned to Virginia waters in a big way, reversing a die-off that started more than two decades ago. In a comprehensive study of surf clams collected from an area …

Amee Pollack

Windows of Understanding


Windows of Understanding is a series of art pieces that aim to shine light on various social justice organizations. The recent window, created by Amee Pollack, was inspired by this year’s RCEI Climate Symposium. The Window depicts children searching outdoors with magnifying glasses, which is meant to signify searching for solutions to the climate crisis. She chose to use children …