Has it gotten windier in New Jersey? We asked the state climatologist

Abi Cohen2024

Rutgers Weather Station in New Brunswick, New Jersey

In 2024, New Jersey experienced frequent rain, wind, and dreary days, sparking discussions about increased windiness. Residents report more potent and frequent winds, with many sharing anecdotes of fallen branches and damaged property. However, climatologist and RCEI Affiliate David Robinson notes that while recent years have seen more windy days, it’s challenging to discern long-term trends due to limited historical wind data. With only a few decades of records and varying monitoring station durations, it’s premature to attribute observed changes solely to climate change. “You just can’t take a few anecdotal observations for a couple of years and make anything of it in terms of a trend,” he said. “But I would also say that it doesn’t mean your observations are not interesting to consider. I don’t want to dismiss it; this is worth looking into.”

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