New Book on Climate Change and Estuaries is the Brainchild of Rutgers Marine Scientist

Oliver Stringham2023

Michael Kennish in the field with Barnegat Bay, NJ, in the background. Barnegat Bay is an EPA-designated nationally significant estuary and one of the most important locations of Kennish’s research over the past 50 years.

National Estuaries Week, which will be observed this year from Sept. 16-23, is an annual celebration of the environmental significance of estuaries. Established in 1988 as National Estuaries Day, it was expanded to a weeklong observation to increase public awareness of the critical ecological and societal importance of estuaries.

The new publication, Climate Change and Estuaries, showcases the value of estuaries and the threats posed by climate change. It will be published on Sept. 15 to usher in National Estuaries Week.

The comprehensive volume, consisting of 32 chapters and nearly 700 pages, highlights climate change effects on estuarine ecosystems from local, regional, and global perspectives and is the brainchild of RCEI Affiliate Michael Kennish, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences. Kennish is also the lead editor and author of three chapters.

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