Amee Pollack

Windows of Understanding


Windows of Understanding is a series of art pieces that aim to shine light on various social justice organizations. The recent window, created by Amee Pollack, was inspired by this year’s RCEI Climate Symposium. The Window depicts children searching outdoors with magnifying glasses, which is meant to signify searching for solutions to the climate crisis. She chose to use children …

Bob Kopp

RCEI Affiliate Professor Robert Kopp Awarded Prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship


The Board of Trustees of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation announced their appointment of their 2024 Fellowships. Chosen through a rigorous application and peer review process the Class of 2024 Guggenheim Fellows was tapped on the basis of prior career achievement and exceptional promise. Each fellow receives a monetary stipend to pursue independent work at the highest level. Selected …

Announcing the 2023-24 Chancellor and Provost Awards for Faculty Excellence


Congratulations to RCEI faculty affiliates who received 2023-2024 Chancellor and Provost Awards for Faculty Excellence. The Chancellor Award for Global Impact was awarded to Cymie Payne, an Associate Professor in the School of Environmental & Biological Sciences. The Provost Award for Excellence in Cross-Disciplinary Research was awarded to Jacqueline Thaw, an Associate Professor in Mason Gross School of the Arts, …

New Jersey Earthquake graphic

What Was it Like Being a Rutgers Geologist During a Magnitude 4.8 Earthquake?


Contributing Authors: Lauren Neitzke Adamo (RCEI Affiliate), Jim Wright (RCEI Affiliate), James Bourke, Ken Miller (RCEI Affiliate), Sean Kinney, Roy Schlische As soon as the shaking subsided on Friday, April 5 from a rare Magnitude 4.8 Earthquake in New Jersey, geologists in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS) at Rutgers University-New Brunswick immediately went to work to deconstruct …

Agronomy specialist testing soil. Photo:

Fertilizer Recommendation Support Tool Launches Nationwide to Digitize Crop Nutrient Management


Project partners, which included Rutgers Cooperative Extension, announced the nationwide release of its Fertilizer Recommendation Support Tool (FRST), a decision-aid that provides an unbiased, science-based interpretation of soil test phosphorus and potassium values for crop fertilization. The FRST project is a collaboration of more than 100 soil science and agronomic professionals representing nearly 50 universities, four divisions of the USDA, …

Hyperloop train

Dutch Hyperloop Center Aims to Advance Futuristic Transport Technology


A new European Hyperloop Center opens in the Netherlands, featuring a 420-meter steel tube for testing Hyperloop technology. Hyperloop promises high-speed travel in low-pressure tubes. The center aims to compete with high-speed rail and seeks government commitments for future routes. However, there is skepticism regarding the new technology. RCEI Affiliate, Robert Noland stated that “This is just another example of …

Solar panels

New Rutgers Solar Canopies Are Producing Electricity in New Brunswick


New solar canopies at Rutgers University’s Livingston Campus in New Brunswick are now generating electricity while providing shaded parking. This initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions and reliance on non-renewable energy sources, contributing to environmental efforts locally. Now, the panels are even producing more energy than the University can use sometimes. RCEI Affiliate Angela Oberg stated that, rather than allow …

Rutgers EcoComplex in Bordentown, NJ.

Start-up Innovator W2 Climatech Joins Rutgers EcoComplex’s WindIgnite Program


Rutgers EcoComplex, the university’s Clean Energy Innovation Center, and W2 Climatech, a start-up focused on developing eco-friendly anti-icing technology for wind turbines, announces its participation in the Rutgers WindIgnite Offshore Wind (“OSW”) Supply Chain Accelerator Program. Through this partnership, W2 Climatech and Rutgers will advance their shared goals and objectives in the fields of renewable energy storage and sustainable development. …

Marine scientist Kim Thamatrakoln examines phytoplankton collected during field study. The film shows how scientists develop novel ways to acquire data. Video capture, Tools of Science, Tilapia Film

Film Shows Why Creativity Is Essential Tool Of Science


The article highlights a film series, Tools of Science, that underscores the importance of creativity as an essential tool for addressing global challenges. RCEI Affiliates, Kay Bidle, Janice McDonnell, and Kim Thamatrakoln have devoted more than a decade to producing the Tools series. The series emphasizes how creativity can inspire innovative solutions, foster collaboration, and drive positive change across various …

Women in Science Collage

Women in Science Share How They Found What They Were Meant to Do


Rutgers groundbreaking women researchers are making history and making a difference in the world every day. From serving as mission head for NASA’s next space telescope to creating nanorobots to target disease and studying the survival of orangutans in Borneo – one of our closest living relatives – they are advancing our understanding of the natural and physical world around …